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Welcome to Galaxy Grooming, Las Vegas’s premier mobile grooming service. 



Galaxy Grooming is a local pet groomer in Las Vegas, NV that is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. We uphold a standard of integrity bound by fairness, honesty, and personal responsibility. Our distinction is the quality of service we bring to our customers. Accurate knowledge of our trade combined with ability is what makes us true professionals.

If you are looking for a professional mobile dog grooming service in Las Vegas, NV, look no further. Contact us or book an appointment today!

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Monday - Sunday
8:00am - 5:30pm

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(702) 201-4565

Why Choose Mobile Grooming

Busy clients tend to prefer mobile pet grooming as it is easier to fit into their schedules. We can travel to your home or your office. This is often helpful for clients with dogs that don’t do well in large groups. Our mobile service also eliminates the stress many pets feel when traveling in cars. Since only one pet at a time is groomed, each one is cared for in a quiet, calm environment. Quality mobile pet grooming services include convenient scheduling and a safe, healthy and relaxed environment.

Our Services

Pet Grooming

We are proud to offer pet grooming services to pet owners all across Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding area. When you choose Galaxy Grooming to groom your cat or dog, we will treat your furry friend as if they are our own. Call today to schedule an appointment!


The lovely pet shampoos and conditioners we use will get your pet smelling fabulous and get their coat clean. Book an appointment with Galaxy Grooming today to get your cat or dog nice and clean!

Nail Trimming

Keep their claws managed with a trim. Our experts take special care to ensure that their nails are clipped properly and not too short. If your pet needs nail trimming done!

Meet The Groomers


My name is Mike and I’m the proud owner of Galaxy Grooming. I’ve been grooming for 12 years now. I specialize in all breed cuts. I am well known in the doodle community. I work well with senior, high-anxiety, and aggressive dogs. My passion is animals and I love them all as if they are my own. I groom at a high level and understand the importance of handling each client’s pets carefully and getting the job done safely. I look forward to meeting you and your pet. 

Years of Experience

Professional Grooming Care, Reasonable Price, And Guaranteed Quality

When you choose Galaxy Grooming you know you are getting nothing but the highest level of care for your furry friend. 

See Our Work

Based on 24 reviews
Jamie Hansen
Jamie Hansen
Andre and Crystal were so kind to my high anxiety dog. They showed up on time and finished the entire grooming for my 60 lb dog just over an hour. We had a great experience with them! Will be recommending them to everyone!
Michael is awesome! I have a long-haired German Shepherd with very high anxiety and bad hips. I called everywhere trying to get someone to groom him, no one wanted to do it, but Michael took on the job! My dog loved him, and he was such a good boy for him! It was like he wasn’t even my dog. needless to say I will be using Galaxy Grooming for all my animals now.
Vicki Viramontes
Vicki Viramontes
Before and After! Mike did an amazing job! My dog has never been this soft or clean after seeing a groomer. My previous groomer never put in the same time and effort. I'm so happy I found Galaxy Grooming and Mike.
Jenny Buller
Jenny Buller
Mike is great and Lyric loves him too!
Kathy Kingsley [Substitutes]
Kathy Kingsley [Substitutes]
Mike did a great job on our elderly golden retriever! He was kind and gave him breaks from standing up. Will use him again..
Mackenzie Kahl
Mackenzie Kahl
Mike + team are seriously the best! We have a little puppy and we’ve only trusted mike to groom him! He’s still learning to get used to the process of being groomed but they are so gentle with him. He smells so good when he gets back and even has a little bandana. Love how simple it is to have them come to our house and groom him in their mobile grooming salon!
Jennifer cogan
Jennifer cogan
I Found Mike after several bad experiences with groomers for my Doodle and now I won’t trust anyone else to groom him ! Mikes the best !!!
Robin Oscher
Robin Oscher
I love Galaxy groomers Mike is the best, he is the most caring gentle person with all my dgs!!!! My dogs were scared to go to grooming places they would have a nervous break down to tell you how bad it was they would Pee and poop in the middle of their floor they would start shaking like they were going to have a heart attack !!! my dogs can’t wait to see Mike at Galaxy Grooming they love him and can’t wait to be groomed that says a lot!!!
Tyler Hollingsworth
Tyler Hollingsworth
Mike has been our go to groomer for years! Always does an Amazing job on our labradoodles, is reliable, consistent & the convenience of mobile grooming has been the Best!!! Highly Recommend
amanda rice
amanda rice
Galaxy grooming does the best lion cut in town! We love galaxy mobile dog grooming for all 4 of my dogs!



Bath- Small Dog (5-25 lbs.)
Bath- Medium Dog (26-45 lbs.)
Bath- Large Dog (46-70 lbs.)
Bath- Extra Large Dog (71-90 lbs.)
Bath- Dogs over 90 lbs.
$110 and up
Bath & Tidy- Small Dog (5-25 lbs.)
Bath & Tidy- Medium Dog (26-45 lbs.)
Bath & Tidy- Large Dog (46-70 lbs.)
Bath & Tidy- Extra Large Dog (71-90 lbs.)
Bath & Tidy- Dogs over 90 lbs.
$120 and up
Full Groom- Small Dog (5-25 lbs.)
Full Groom- Medium Dog (26-45 lbs.)
Full Groom- Large Dog (46-70 lbs.)
Full Groom- Extra Large Dog (71-90 lbs.)
Full Groom- Dogs over 90 lbs.
$130 and up


Full Groom ( < 14 lbs.)
Full Groom ( over 14 lbs.)
  • Nail trims & ear cleaning are included in the price unless done as a single service.
  • We can not groom pets that have medical issues or if they are severely aggressive! (However we will attempt to groom lightly aggressive dogs/cats and will stop if aggression is too dangerous for the pet or the groomer)
  • The prices you see are estimates and can vary depending on behavior of the dog, matting, aggression, anxiety or senior pets.
  • Cocker spaniels, doodles, poodles, and any kind of specialized special cuts are subjected to be more than the listed price.


*** not servicing Henderson or North , East Las Vegas *****

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Extras are add-ons available for additional fees that will be charged by the groomer during the appointment. To add-on an extra to your booking, please specify which add-on service you would like in the “Notes” portion of the booking form.  

We are currently unable to process tips on our website. If you would like to leave your groomer a tip, please do so directly on the day of the appointment.

Long Hair- $30
Short Hair- $20
Blueberry Facial Treatment
Hot Oil Treatment
Clean Face & Feet